The Hundredth Vale

Session 3

Horror at Castle Illusion

Game starts out with Marcus starts out a sleep and woken up by sight of the Unicorn, it gives him a bunch of images and then it disappears and leaves a single hair from its mane. Marcus picks it up and it genteelly wraps around his wrist.

Ran is in a trance in his bed when his bed closes around him. He has the sensation of being carried and then feeling like he is falling very far, then makes a large impact. He continues bouncing as a whole in the trap develops. Ran turns into a wind spirit and goes out the whole. The trap goes over a cliff and Ran goes back into his room. Ran then proceeds to look for a servant and explains to him what happened and asks if this is normal behavior. The servant then goes to find someone to assist Ran. Ran then goes back to his room and investigates. Using the logrus, Ran spots logrus magic, poorly used. One signature is the lumberjack, the other is unknown. Guards show up at Ran’s room and he tells them what happened.

Ivo is sleeping like a baby.

Marcus had a large story of images but there seems like something is missing. Marcus feels refresh, calm and inspired.

Ran gets nothing more from his investigation and he goes to find Random, on his way he gets a trump call from Yoseph. He tells Ran that his companion (Kevin) has been taken to a very dark place by a fellow Amberite. He explains to Ran that the culprit had strong magic with a pattern flavor to it. Yoseph then asks Ran for another favor. He tells him the item lies in Amber and he shows him a picture of a demon of motivation. It is a leftover from Pattern Fall wars and Ran explains he will need to talk to Random first.

Ivo wakes up and goes down to breakfast.

Marcus cuts his arm down the length of his right (sword) arm the length of the unicorn’s hair and lays the hair in the wound. The flesh then wraps around the hair leaving a silver streak where the cut was.

Ran turns into the crazy girl from the insane asylum for a moment, then turns back to normal, whatever normal is for Ran. He eventually makes it to Random’s office. He tells Random what happened to him in his room. Ran turns into the Jester momentarily in front of Random. Then continually talking to Random and he tells Random of the demon that Yoseph wants him retrieve. Random tells him it is ok to get the demon out. Random then asks about Kevin in which Ran tells him he knows of Kevin’s where about. Well sort of where he is. Ran has an impression of the place, not the exact location.

Ran arrives at breakfast and shortly after Marcus arrives, looking majestic. Ran notices that Marcus is extra patterny and Ivo then looks at Marcus with the lens. He notices Marcus’s extra pattern imbued right arm. Marcus then shows Ran and Ivo his right arm and tells them of his meeting with the Unicorn. Ran then updates the two of his assassination attempt and that he talked to Gerbel and he knows where Kevin is.

The three go to find the Lumberjack in the hallway and find he is not there. Ivo tells the servant to find the lumberjack and he returns shortly saying he found him. He takes him to a kitchen where the lumberjack is eating. Ivo asks him if he threw Ran out the window, which he replies no. Ivo looks at him through the lens. He summons the servant again and tells the servant to give him quarters and keep a guard on him at all times. Ivo then goes to find Marcus and Ran at Saif’s room.

Meanwhile, Ran and Marcus are having Saif make a trump of the castle where Kevin is located. While Saif is working, Ran turns into the crazy woman again for a brief moment then internalizes to figure out why he is changing into this woman. Marcus is frustrated when Ran does this. Ran turns into hundred of cockroaches and searches for something. Ran witness ironing and is disturbed by it. He returns shortly and Marcus shows his frustration towards Ran’s behaviors. They discuss shape shifting protocols around Marcus.

Ivo shows up outside Saif’s door where Ran and Marcus are talking. Ivo tells Ran he found the lumberjack and what orders he gave him. The three of them go to Ivo’s room so he can pick up his armor and weapons and then the threesome goes to the wharf district to look for the demons. Ran turns into a dog and they explore the district when a cloaked figure comes walking down the street. Ivo tells the figure to halt, when it pulls out a wand and cast a spell at Ran that incases him and sends him flying. Ivo shoots arrows at her and she shields herself from him. He then uses the lens to wash her and the impact sends her flying where she regains her composure and then disappears. Ran slowly falls back to the ground and then rejoins the group. We then talk about what just happened. Ivo then goes into the cobblers shop and asks him if he knows who the woman was. He doesn’t know who she was, so Ivo asks if he knows who runs this district. The cobbler says Mariah and Adrid.

The group goes to the bar across the street to wait for Mariah. Victor arrives at the bar and about an hour and a half later; she arrives with a contingent of 20 men. The group interrogates her about the wand woman and motivation in the area. She has no useful information so the group threatens to have a royal investigation if they find out she did not cooperate. She tells them where to find Adrid. Ivo asks a boy in the bar to take them to the hotel where Adrid lives. The boy takes them to the hotel, it takes about an hour and a half to walk there and when they arrived, the group is being watched. Ivo pays the boy and he takes off running. A guy at the door asks us what we want and Ivo says to take us to Adrid. He closes the door behind him and Ran breaks it open. We go up the stairs and are met by a group of armed men. We tell them to take us to Adrid and they drop their weapons and we proceed to Adrid.

Adrid awaits us in his chambers, the group goes in and makes themselves comfortable. We then interrogate Adrid about the woman then the demon. Ran’s creature explores the room and finds out a toy teddy bear exists in that room. Ran uses the logrus to view Adrid and realizes that he is tainted by the demon. Ivo then brings up the lens and go floor by floor and in the basement he sees something then a spike goes through his lens and Ivo then feels very tired. Ran turns into a fireball and goes through the floor. Ivo sits down and several tentacles come through the walls. Victor grab Ivo and heads back down the stairs with Marcus taking point.

Ran is in the basement and tentacles come through the stone floor. Marcus, now outside the hotel tries to infuse Ivo with Pattern based healing. Victor goes back in to go find the teddy bear and attacks everything in his way. Ivo, infused and healed by Marcus, hops up and goes in after Victor while Marcus defends the front door from the now zombie citizens wishing harm on the princes. Victor clears a swath of destruction and reaches the room with the bear and he takes the automaton bear and takes him to Marcus, Ivo goes down to the basement. Ivo brings up Pattern Defense with Victor behind him and the go down the pathway until they catch up to Ran. The demon is very spider like. Ran tells the spider we are to return him to chaos or kill him. Marcus continues to fight off the Zombies. Ran convinces the demon to release his tentacles and take a shape that is easy to transport him to chaos. The group gets out of the building and then the burning build collapses.

Ivo, Marcus and Victor trump back to Castle Amber. Ran trumps Dara and hands her the demon, then comes through the trump to Castle Amber. It turns out the bear broke his promise by coming back to Amber. We found out that Cain was behind persuading him to come back to Amber. The group then takes the bear to Random, after Ran cleanses Victor and the bear. At Random’s office, they explain that Cain was behind the bear coming to Amber.

We head to Saif’s to get the trump of the castle where Kevin is located. We trump to the Dark Castle. Marcus informs the group that one of the women who kidnapped Kevin had been killed by him before she took Kevin. Everything is dark and BALCK here! A bat thingy is flying overhead and Ivo shoots it with his bow. Victor makes sure it was dead. Smokey haze, knee level covers the ground. Ran turns into the bat thingy and scouts ahead. Ivo uses manipulate probability to find the easiest path to the dungeons and head to the back of the castle. There are lots of bugs trying to get at Victor but Ran keeps them at bay. A swarm of bugs fall from the ceiling and suck Marcus up to the next floor. Ran floats up and is in the same room as Marcus.

A shadowy figure forms up in front of Victor. He tries to punch it but his fist goes through its misty form. Ivo shoots it and it disappears as chains fall everywhere. Marcus is trying to find his way out with the aid of a glowing bird left by Ran. Marcus come into a room occupied by an armored man named Devon. Ivo, Ran and Victor make their way towards Marcus when a figure is down the hall before them. Marcus chats with Devon. The guy at the end of the hall is Kardos.

There is a globe on the table and Ran brings up the logrus lens and sees that is very magical. Ran picks up the globe and it is an orgasmic experience for him, as he loses himself in the orb.

Marcus continues his boring conversation with Devon. He throws an object at Marcus which is a three headed dog that grows larger then attacks him. Devon runs away and throws more monsters out his pocket.

Ivo brings up the lens and taps Ran with it. There is a large bang and both are knocked aside. Victor runs towards the demonic screams. Victor meats up with the monsters and engage them in combat. Marcus is being moved by the bugs again while he fights with the dogs. Ran is still enticed by the orb so Ivo tries to put the lens between Ran and the orb and it appears to have some effect. The bugs swarm up around Victor and Marcus and take them down into a cell.

Ran after realizing the use of the bird and noticing that Victor and Marcus are in a cell, he trumps them on Ivo’s suggestion and pulls them to us. Ivo then tries trumping Random, then Gerard both with no answer. Ran then trumps Julian, who appears not to care but then pulls the four of us through. Ran goes bird form and head towards Amber and the rest of us follow on horseback. Ran flies up to Random’s office, where he and Llewella are talking feverishly. Ran finds out that Fiona has been captured. Ran trumps Dara and informs her of what was going on. We then trump back to the castle, which is not there. Ivo brings up the lens and discovers many bug filled chambers underneath. Ran starts digging to get into the chambers, while Ivo finds traces of Kevin in one of the chambers.

Five hours later, we get into the chambers and then many hours later, we make it to Kevin’s chamber. There are scratches in the wall and a few loose stones. Victor removes a stone to find an elaborate picture of Kevin being taken by the bugs. The next shows a location which is a trump. The rest show scenes of his capture and being moved around and a picture of a figure who looks like a dark sorcerer and another demon one.

We trump back to Amber to inform Random of what is going on and then plan to trump to the place trump we found in Kevin’s room. We trump to the dusty place and there is a man walking who looks back at us. He slowly disappears.


A message sent…
You have a great sense that the Unicorn is communicating with you. But the images are severe, and you fear that you may not be fit enough to understand. Fear. That’s not quite the word. Emotional. Yes, that is the word. You have a strong sense of echoing loss, an overwhelming sorrow, and you are walking towards it.

It pains you to know that something could suffer this greatly. Tears well up in your eyes as waves of sorrow reach out to you, from the shadows.

He’s out there.

You need to find him.

Those words echo in your mind, words you believe are from the Unicorn. But you can’t be sure. Maybe you said them.

The loss. The Hunger. The sorrow.

How could someone suffer so? Loss, like a child killed in a car accident. Loss, like never seeing your true love again. Despair is out there, waiting to be found.

You have seen him once before.

The Traveler.

He is on the road, and he continues forward. But he doesn’t know where he’s going, only where he’s been. His shoes and clothes are well worn and old. Dust permeates his beard. He has been walking for a long time.

The key lays with him.

Session 3

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