The Hundredth Vale

The Beginning

The setting begins three summers after the battle with the Oleai. Things have mostly settled down in Amber, and life has carried on as usual.

Llewella is alive and well, and has recovered from her poisoning.

Random remains king of Amber.

The King’s Son Kevin was officially brought out into the open, after Clement and Sara discovered him. Kevin is a very shy and reclusive person who is afraid of the pattern, and afraid of conflict and confrontation. Kevin spends most of his time in his room making paintings. Although Random is somewhat ashamed of Kevin, he is always nice to him in public.

David spends part of his time in Amber, and part of his time with the Oleai.

Clement is often seen with his mother in her Lab, or with his mother on picnics, or with his mother at the primal pattern.

Finn continues to be elusive, but he can sometimes be seen at court when it suits his purposes.

Sara, though officially residing in her noble palace outside of Amber, she is frequently seen in Amber.

Andy, after the war with the Oleai, was largely disappointed that no Oleai were around to procreate with, so he went back to the villiage in the woods and took his pet wooden cat with him.

Lina remained on Earth for a month, and tried to consume more of Nevada with fire, but failed. It is unclear if the indiginous shadows or some other force was responsible for her failure. She then disappeared from Earth and hasn’t been seen since. There is a deep scar where Area 51 once stood, and that area is heavily fortified. Flora has noted that security regarding “invaders” has increased ten fold, and new measures are in place for any further aggression.

The Jewel of Judgement was never found.



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