Ivo Bariman

Lost Pattern Knight of Amber


WAR – 40
PSY – 25
END – 4
STR – Amber

Pattern (50)
Imprint, Shadow Walk, Hellride, Shadows of Desire, Manipulate Probability, Summon the Sign of the Pattern, Pattern Defense and Pattern Sight

Pattern Bow (10)
Exalted Damage, Conjure Arrows

Enemy (Lord of Chaos) (+3)

Shadow Adaptability, Master Marksmanship, Tracking, woodworking and farming

Personal Shadow – Shinobi


Ivo has never know his parents or who they are but knows he was recognized as a child of the blood. Ivo was raised by Castle Staff. He was born 18 years before the Pattern Fall War, and on his 18th birthday he walked the Pattern and then signed up to become a Pattern Knight.

He loved fighting Chaosians in the Pattern Fall War, and became addicted to the blood lust. Somewhere about year three, when there was a lull in the fight and having grown weary of cleaning Chaosian blood from his armor, he managed to craft the Pattern Bow that became his signature on the battlefield. He then became an even bigger menace to Chaos. At the end of the war, not being able to let go, he hunted Chaosians through shadow who would not agree with the treated between the two governments. This gave him pleasure and he did this for about 2-3 years before the flame of hatred burned out. With the hatred gone, and the burden of his actions heavy in his heart, Ivo returned to Amber, gave back his armor and resigned his status as a Pattern Knight. The next morining with only his bow, a pair of fighting knives and a backpack full of supplies He headed out to shadow.

In the first several years, he would make contact with Amber and inform the appropriate officials of any resources Amber might be able to exploit in shadow, but with each year contact waned until it all together stopped. Ivo continued traveling through shadow for a decade or two exploring as many shadows as he could. Eventually falling in love, getting married and settling in Shinobi, a shadow which resembles Amber. There far from the city, he built a humble cabin and a small farm to sustain him and his bride. A month to the date after burying his wife, packed up his gear once again, locked up his cabin, and headed for Amber for the first time in iver a hundred years.

First Log
Even though I knew it was time to return to Amber, I had plenty of reservations. I wasn’t there two days and already Flora was throwing a party in my honor. She really needs something else to keep her busy. Growing up, I was always amazed at how little Amber changed through out its history so I was rather surprised to learn of a dozen or so new progeny of the elders. You leave for a hundred years and look what happens? I guess it is good to instill some new blood into the family however.

Of the group I have met so far, Marcus seems like a fine gentleman, and Ran is definitely interesting. I wonder if he knows of me and what he thinks? Kevin is interesting and has a keen eye and a steady hand. He is quite the artist and has a flare of the unexplainable that follows our family, although he has yet to walk the pattern. As for the rest, I am still getting to know them.

So my peaceful return was lost in a party, then as if on cue, the weirdness begun. Really, I ask you, should I have to take a compromised servant to the King by day three? I had really hoped to put this behind me. At least I missed the latest Olei invasion! And while I was dealing with Castle servants, the rest of the newbies were of in the Golden Circle dealing with toys? I have never had to attack a toy, and that is a good thing!

Well I am back in Amber, I will try to make the best of it and if not, I have a nice cozy cabin waiting for my return.

Ivo Bariman

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