Marcus Perdido

Marcus is a well built, serious faced young man. He has the look of someone with so many questions and so few answers.


“Amber is the only home I have ever known, and I will protect it to the death, preferably yours.”



Pattern Defense
Shadow Walk
Pattern Affinity(5)
Plate Armor(4)
(Physical Immunity)

(Deadly Damage)
Points spent on Unicorn Hair(1)

Purity Manifest: With the focus of will, any ongoing effects not powered by pattern are dispersed
Banish the Impure: Drawing upon the power of the Unicorn, a wave of pattern pushes outward from Marcus, forcing any non-pattern entities to withdraw from the immediate area
Purify the Body: Heal, removing negative effects like poisoned or diseased(massive healing)
Pattern Spike: Energy shoots forward in the form of an impaling lance, causing grievous injury to any non-pattern being
Defend the Flock: Marcus becomes the target of spell or effect in place of the intended target
Will of the Unicorn: Marcus manifests the essence of the Unicorn, functioning as a vessel for it to communicate or interact.

Situational Combat Awareness
Weapons Knowledge
Threat Assessment


“To know one’s enemies, one must know themselves”, Marcus winced once again to hear those words.
“How can I know myself, when I do not even know my own parents?”, he thought to himself. But then Marcus was comforted by the belief that every member of the order has heard these same words over and over, with probably a feeling similar to his own.
“Remember”, the speaker continued to the assembled troops, “Our weakness is our strength, we hold no allegiance to any, but to the land itself.” “We are the chosen of the Unicorn, and we give our lives gladly to the defense of Amber!”
As expected none broke ranks, nor was the speech followed with fanfare. Stoic and business like the troops remained like the statues they were trained to be. The statues moved only when dismissed to do so, and without a word spoken, returned to the duties well learned and practiced
over time.
Marcus had other duties to perform today, as he had been summoned to meet with the High Commander. He made his way to the Commander’s room, timing his steps to ensure his arrival was at the exact time indicated. He knocked on the door and waited to be allowed entry.
“Get your ass in here already, Marcus!” was the reply. Marcus entered and waited to be told to sit. “Park it.” Marcus sat. “Well Marcus, you are showing what a lifetime spent in this place can do, and frankly I think it makes you darn near useless.” Marcus sat quietly confused, and felt disappointment wiggling around in the back of his mind. “We want you faithful, and true, but not brain dead,” the voice continued unmercifully. “I know you are hearing the words
I am speaking, but I wonder if you are not just a wingless parrot.” Marcus winced, “Oh so you can process what I am saying!” “Maybe there is hope after all!”
The Commander continued to speak, explaining how faith did not have to be blind faith, and loyalty did not mean to the point of foolishness. Marcus thought it was the oddest graduation speech he had ever heard. As the speech came to its conclusion, the Commander stood, “I hereby make you a probationary Captain of the Knights of the Unicorn, stand!”
“Captain!!??” Marcus thought it was a poor joke, but as he stood in a stunned silence, he was given the armor, the shield and the sword each unique and only given to those that were actually placed in a position to lead other knights.
“Your position and rank is temporary, and I am inclined to take it away now, but instead consider yourself banished from this keep.”
“Now gather your things and get out, as I am tired of looking at your blank face!”
Marcus numbly made his way to his barracks, conveniently empty. He found his belongings packed, and a sealed letter addressed to him.
Marcus opened the letter….

Character Quiz

1. A&E wants to do an episode of biography on you, the script writer has to write a summary that is accurate yet intriguing enough to attract viewers, how would this summary read?
Marcus, while the object of more than a few conversations, not much is known about him. His unknown parentage is an almost unheard of thing in Amber, and many wonder just what is so wrong with him that his parents refuse to be identified.

2. Describe how you would most like to die?
In service to the Unicorn.

3. Describe your parents, from your perspective.
Irresponsible, nobles are not to be trusted, ever. Obey the King, Obey the Unicorn.

4. Everyone has that one thing they did as a child they are ashamed of, what is this memory for you?
Being of unknown lineage has just been a regular barrel of monkeys, next question please.
Have you done anything to put it to rest?
I would love to, but thanks for bringing up a sore subject.

5. Castle and Garden is doing a feature on your room at Castle Amber, (or whatever is appropriate). What do they see when they walk in the door?
Barracks, nothing fancy, spare, spartan. Weapons and armor neatly stored and meticulously cared for, but showing a great deal of use.
What do you tell them when they ask for your inspiration?
I live to serve, it is my honor, my duty to protect or homes and the lives of every Amberite, I hope to never fail…oh wait, my inspiration for dé’re kidding right?

6. What would your dream date be like, both the person and the circumstances.
How does one get one of those? Sounds nice, so do I get to choose the companion, or how does that work? So how about that it is a she, she is kind and courteous, and it does not turn out to be an actual practice drill and she is actually concealing a weapon?

7. What would provoke you to murder a shadowdweller?
Threaten Amber, bad mouth Amber, look cross-eyed at Amber, litter in Amber, put up graffitti in Amber. Oh and stabbing the King.

8. Why would other’s dislike you?
I am an unknown, where do my allegiances really lie, can I be bought, bribed?
People often fear what they cannot know or feel they cannot understand.

9. What were you like at age 10?
I was training and happy, with no time to think, there is no time to ponder the troubling questions.
What was your environment like at that time?
Tough but fair, I knew what was expected of me, knew that I was the only limiter to what I could acheive.

10. Corwin never mentions you in his Chronicles, why is that?
I do not think our order existed as it does today, I may not have even been born yet.

11. What is your favorite method of dealing with an enemy?
Enemy to me or enemy to the Throne? Enemy to me show them the error of their ways, enemy to the Throne..death.
Murder, if so, is there a favorite method?
I do not murder, I execute, threaten my home and I will show you the difference.
If you are a threat to my home, there can be no quarter.
Bargain, leave my homeland alone and I will not try to kill you.
Threats are the recourse of the weak and cowardly, why say what I can just do?
Direct Challenge?
Direct is always preferred, know why I am there, and what I intend to do, no misunderstanding.
By any means.

12. Describe your first visit to Amber (assuming such has taken place)?
I was born here.
What was it like, what did you think at the time?
I loved it then, I love it now, I will always love the place of my birth.

Marcus Perdido

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