Saif Bariman

Tall, lanky build. Swarthy skin, red-black hair. Somber features, reminiscent of someone...


Psyche: 12
Strength: Chaos
Endurance: 3
Warfare: Amber

Ambassador from a Shadow named Cauldron, which is currently in negotiations with the Crown, seeking close ties with Amber. He has been introduced as “of the Blood.” He is a Sorcerer, and uses Trumps which depict a stylized scarab on the reverse.

He has a somber, reserved bearing, and has addressed the Court eloquently on a few occasions in the months since arriving. However, in negotiations he has demonstrated some awkwardness, asking for frequent recesses to consider proposals.

His interests are known to include life sciences, medicine, magic theory, and engineering.


Some notes left lying around:

Recognition: +/-?
R overtaxed, lazy?

Chronos, labor. Others? JH?
Corey, gift. Victor.

Servants, wtf? Security??
General utility: [bits of technojargon]? [Other bits of jargon]?

Toys, infinitely expanding swarm?

Bird scout: [lots of technojargon]. Add [more jargon].

Saif Bariman

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