Game 2

“Do you guys need anything?” – Lou
“We need you to go.” – Dan

“Craig likes to remain moist at all time.” – Cort

“Hello, I have a problem with memory loss and being controlled by other entities.” – Jeremiah
“I looked it up on WebMD.” – Cort
“And it said ‘go to Fiona’.” – Brenden

“Fiona bounces off the wall and falls uncontious in a pool of blood.” – Craig
“Quick, plant a knife on her and say she did it to herself.” – Lou

“Don’t touch the lumberjack until I get back.” – Lou

“Everything that touches you dies somehow; wait, I touched you.” – Cort
“Inappropriately.” – Jeremiah
“Beside the point.” – Cort

“Stop being naked!” – Lou

“Safehouse… in the middle of the street.” – Lou

“We are representatives of the Twilight Society.” – Lou
“We need help deciding between Edward and Jacob.” – Jeremiah

“What happens at Bandy’s stays at Bandy’s.” – Brenden

“I’ve found this form gets me respect.” – Peter (Craig)
“It also helps if you are on fire.” – Ran (Cort)

“Your Trump shorted out?” – Cort

“Wait, did I kill someone?” – Jeremiah

“You get to the library and there are a lot of empty shelves.” – Craig
“The Oleai still havn’t given those back?” – Cort
“Only Galen knew where they were.” – Brenden

“I don’t think this is a porno.” – Brenden

“So am I also naked?” – Jeremiah

“You got your ass kicked by a baby scarecrow.” – Cort

“Is Markus naked?” – Jeremiah
“It’s not always about the nudity.” – Cort

“We banter.” – Cort
“It’s one of the many hardships you must endure when travelling with the Princes of Amber.” – Jeremiah

“I have nothing to hide.” – Jeremiah
“Clearly, you’re always naked.” – Cort

“I don’t want an angry animal in my pants.” – Brenden

“It’s a murder kit!” – Craig
“Lightly used!” – Cort

“You’re wearing a red shirt….” – Cort
“Oh crap!” – Lou

“You had a horse tranquilizer in your pocket?” – Lou

“Jesus, I inhailed that piece of meat.” – Craig

“The bite looks wolf-like.” – Craig
“Clearly team Edward.” – Brenden

“Drink more, the quote log needs more material.” – Cort

Game 2

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