Quote Log - Game 1

“I tried pants, but I couldn’t figure them out.” – Ran (Cort)

“Kevin, disapointing son of a disapointing man.” – Craig

“I have come for pants.” – Victor (Jeremiah)

“I have trouble differentiating your citizens from inanimate objects.” – Ran (Cort)

“Can you extrude enzines?” – Ran (Cort)
“I can barf.” – April (Craig)

“I pull him in the window by his face.” – Jeremiah
“Owwww, I have a hand you know.” – Lou

“I hang him by his ankles out the window.” – Jeremiah
“Or I could climb down, just sayin.” – Lou

“You can die doing lots of things.” – Dan
“Painting, not as much.” – Craig

“Random would prefer you did not absorb his staff.” – Ivo (Dan)

“We should warn the king his servants are being psychically dominated.” – Saif (Brenden)
“They could attempt inept assassinations.” – Cort

“Can you paint where I came from?” – Victor (Jeremiah)
“Wait, that’s a vagina.” – Brenden

“You see Victor lopping heads off in the painting.” – Craig
“And I’m wearing pants!” – Jeremiah
“So we know in the future you will master this technology.” – Cort

“I’m not comfortable with how this rhymes.” – Jeremiah

“I try to shapeshift into the Chancellor.” – Jeremiah
“Your clothes disapear.” – Craig
“This could eventually be useful….” – Jeremiah

“Is there an interrogation room?” – Jeremiah
“This is Amber, there’s an interrogation wing.” – Brenden

“We have the first entry on the murder list!” – Cort

“I would like some special metallic paint…” – Kevin (Craig)
“He wants glitter.” – Jeremiah

“Will you submit to a psychic link?” – Saif (Brenden)
“Are you hitting on me?” – Clarrissa (Emily)

“It’s not bad they are autonomons, it’s bad they are not our atonomons.” – Saif (Brenden)

“You see a cute teddy bear walking towards you.” – Craig
“Is anything counting down?” – Brenden

“I don’t recall the ‘Teddy bear’s picnic’ involving razor claws and fangs.” – Taiki

“Not everyone gets to say goodbye to their parents, let me reboot these for you…” – Jeremiah

Quote Log - Game 1

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