Quote Log - Game 3

“You are woken in the middle of the night.” – Craig
“Again?” – Taiki

“You are bamboo’s whore.” – Cort

“If your ‘way to go!’ message leaves the recipient gibbering and scribbling crazy talk on the ceiling you might want to re-examine your management methodology.” – Cort

“Uncontrolled urination is generally a bad plan.” – Taiki

“He feels Pattern-y, if that’s a word.” – Craig
“It’s a word, a curse word, but a word.” – Cort

“Just to get you up to speed…” – Taiki
“Run faster.” – Dan

So is Victor wearing clothes?" – Dan

“If someone challenges you to a strength battle you’d be vulnerable.” – Craig
“No hugs.” – Cort

“We don’t just have goons, we have goons on fire!” – Cort

“Clearly using your face for poop is not of God.” – Jeremiah

“We have trumped to the Shadow of Suck.” – Taiki

“You run in the room and see a teddy bear on the bed.” – Craig
“Masterbating” – Cort

“I may be the most effective sword but no the sharpest.” – Taiki

“Are we still stalling?” – Taiki
“I think we’ve moved on to gloating.” – Cort

“So you killed Fiona?” – Cort
“Just the one time.” – Jeremiah

Quote Log - Game 3

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