Quote Log - Game 4

“You updated Random?” – Craig
“Yeah, this group is weirdly good about that.” – Cort

“Which happened first?” – Taiki
“The chicken.” – Dan

“It looked like a small Japanese schoolchild.” – Cort
“Was it creepy?” – Taiki
“I told you, it looked like a small Japanese schoolchild.” – Cort

“You get a Trump call, but directly in your brain.” – Craig

“What is a Jesus Christ?” – Cort
“I don’t know, but everyone else was yelling it.” – Lou

“Jesus Christ says fall back.” – Cort

“Listen to Jesus when he tells you to retreat.” – Lou

“She changes from a creepy old woman to a nice old woman.” – Craig
“And now I will eat her baked goods.” – Taiki

“You just said what Ran was about to, you realize that never happens.” – Cort

“You look like your in some sort of cell.” – Craig
“Probably the best place for you.” – Cort

“I’m going to walk towards teh screaming, causually.” – Jeremiah

“We’re playing the step on me game.” – Cort

“Oh god, we actually did steal their women.” – Cort
“We are aliens!” – Dan

“There’s a reason I was designed to fight you.” – Dan

Quote Log - Game 4

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