Quote Log - Game 5

“I’ll get up, put on a robe and head for the screaming.” – Brenden

“What do you mean by ‘alive’?” – Craig

“I was psychicly dominated by a memory remnant.” – Cort

“Screaming, your soaking in it.” – Cort

“Turns out it was just a flashlight and a dead squirrel.” – Jeremiah

“Are you going to run away all your life boy?” – Craig
“Yup” – Brenden

“Things are changing in Amber and I need to know where you stand.” – Craig
“Somewhere near a bathroom.” – Cort

“We don’t have to be enemies, you can just be my bitch.” – Brenden

“He’s as dangerous as he is stupid.” – Craig

“Do you even own a pair of pants?” – Dan

“It’s a doorway, all sorts of things could come through.” – Emily
“Mormons!” – Brenden

“So your saying smashing it until it breaks shouldn’t be a first go to?” – Cort

“I have completed my betrayal.” – Cort

“This is a pants necessary situation.” – Jeremiah

“We were trying to keep it fun with sex dolls.” – Dan

Quote Log - Game 5

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