Quote Log - Game 6

“Trust be gone, liberally applied.” – Brenden

“Everyone always leaves when we show up." – Cort

“Doesn’t taste like anyone I know.” – Cort

“Should I start killing them? I’m not good at judging these things.” – Jeremiah

“The unsafe work is nunchuks.” – Brenden

“If you think of your guard detail as a sort of albrative armor….” – Cort

“You may need to beat up another senior citizen.” – Brenden

“Make sure I don’t accidently pee poison needles.” – Cort

“There is no science fiction convention, is there?” – Craig
“Just horrible science fact.” – Brenden

“Is that where you keep your soul?” – Cort
“No, my porn!” – Brenden

“We need to find your friends, the weird and the weirder one.” – Emily

“Let me put this into words you probably won’t understand.” – Jeremiah

“So you’ve graduated from murder to rape.” – Brenden

“If you smile, it’s not murder.” – Emily
“Also holds true for rape.” – Brenden

“In a janitor occupied city hall, what are we looking for?” – Jeremiah
“Dworkin” – Cort

“Everyone we encounter has to suffer.” – Jeremiah

“The milk might be late.” – Cort

Quote Log - Game 6

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